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How to create database in SQL Server

Database is collection of objects like tables, stored procedures, Views, Functions, Synonyms, etc. There are two ways to create the database in sql server. 1. GUI(graphical user interface) and 2. T-SQL script. Create database using GUI Mode: Open SQL Server Management Studio–>Object explorer–>Select the databases folder –> right click –> click on new database as […]

Difference between migrate and upgrade

Of course we have upgrade adviser but that will be useful if we have existing SQL Server. But whether we should upgrade or migrate that decision should be taken by us. Each one has their own pros and cons. Migrate: This process involves installing a new SQL instance & then migrating each database to new […]

Manual uninstallation of SQL components using MSIEXEC

Sometimes we come up to a situation where few of the components do not uninstall completely after SQL server uninstallation. We try to uninstall it from control panel once again with GUI but it won’t. In that case we can uninstall each component manually with MSIEXEC. MSIEXEC: Microsoft Installer gives the ability to install/uninstall or […]

SQL Server 2012 Installation

Put the installation media in DVD drive/ISO, double click on setup file. Click on New SQL Server stand alone installation.

Enable SSL encryption for SQL Server instance

In this article we will try to use certificate to encrypt client connection for sql server via secure socket layer (SSL). If we are doing this on domain joined machine we need below configuration: 1. One domain controller machine (dc.sqllab.local). Install Certificate authority with Web enrollment and online responder. 2. Second domain joined machine. (be.sqllab.local). […]

How to delete/drop all the tables from SQL Server

If we want to delete or drop all the tables from SQL Server Database. 1) This is a hidden Stored procedure in sql server, this will be executed for each table in the database you connected. This cant be roll back. EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command_delete = “DROP TABLE ?” 2)If u want to delete it from […]

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