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Stop and Start Sybase Replication Server

Replication Server maintains replicated data in multiple databases while ensuring the integrity and consistency of the data. It provides clients using databases in the replication system with local data access, thereby reducing load on the network and centralized computer systems. Stop Sybase Replication Server. We can stop replication server using isql utility.

Differences between where and having clause

WHERE: Where clause is used to filter the data based on condition. Only rows that meets conditions contribute data to the result set. Filters rows Where clause is executed before group by clause. Use where clause, if there is no aggregate function in condition.

Stop Sybase server

system administrator can shut down an SAP ASE. Syntax: shutdown [srvname] [with {wait [=”hh:mm:ss”] | nowait}]]

Stop Sybase backup server

If we want to stop only Sybase backup server or it is best practice to stop backup server first then, ASE server. We can stop backup server using following ‘shutdown SYB_BACKUP’ 1> shutdown SYB_BACKUP 2> go Backup Server The Backup Server go down immediatley. Terminating sessions.

How to install sample databases in Sybase

Sybase provides three databases i.e. pubs2,pubs and pix2. These can be installed either at the time of ASE(sybase) installation or after installation. pubs2: database to test our server connections and to practice Transact-SQL. pubs3: is the upgraded version of pubs2. pix2: installs the image data Install scripts for sample databases are kept by default at […]

How to run script in Sybase

We can create scripts and execute using isql. This is useful when you need to execute the same set of commands. Script execution Syntax: isql -Uuser_name -Ppassword -Sserver_name -iscript_name -oscript_output How to create scripts: Create text file and paste the commands to be executed on SYBASE ASE. root$vi databaseslist.txt select name from sysdatabase go :wq!

isql history

What is isql? isql tool is interactive parser to ASE(Sybase). isql tool sends commands to ASE and displays the results on standard output. Syntax: isql [-b] [-e] [-F] [-n] [-p] [-v] [-W] [-X] [-Y] [-Q] [-a display_charset] [-A packet_size] [-c cmdend] [-D database] [-E editor] [-h header] [-H hostname] [-i inputfile] [-I interfaces_file] [-J client_charset] […]

Restore Master database in Sybase

Why master database? The master database controls the operation of Sybase(ASE) server and stores information about all user databases and database devices information. It stores User accounts, Remote User accounts, Ongoing process, System Error Messages, List of databases on Sybase server(ASE), Active locks,Character-sets, Server Roles, etc. If we want to create new database, we should […]

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