Difference between PowerShell and command prompt

Difference between PowerShell and command prompt

  • Both allow the creation of scripts.
  • Both provides command-line environment.
  • cmd.exe works in PowerShell. But, PowerShell cmdlets wont work in Cmd.exe
  • Cmd provides very limited set of functionality.
  • cmd is text based scripting environment.
  • cmd does not provide access to many aspects of the OS and applications.
  • PowerShell is object based scripting language.
  • PowerShell provides access to the .NET framework, building blocks of Windows functionalities.
  • PowerShell provides us the programming power and accessibility of an object oriented programming language in a scripting environment.
  • Powershell is integrated with .net framework. So, we can do some inline c# with powershell to make it even more powerful whichwe can never have a chance with cmd.

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