Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Below are the all major Google Chrome Shortcut Keys used daily. Almost 95% of below Google Chrome Shortcut Keys are useful.

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+T New Tab
Ctrl+N New Window
Ctrl+J Downloads
Ctrl+Shift+Q Exit Window
Ctrl+R Reload Page
Ctrl+H To Get Browsing History
Ctrl+O Open a file into Google Chrome
Ctrl+Shift+T Repopen Closed Tab
Ctrl+Shift+W Bookmark All tabs
Ctrl+W Close Tab
Ctrl+Tab To go next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab To go back to previous tab
Ctrl+D Add Bookmark
Ctrl+F To Find on the page
Ctrl+U To view the Source code
Alt+Left Arrow Go to previous visited page
Alt+Right Arrow Goto Next Visited Page
Alt+F To open custom Menu
Ctrl+P Prints Current Page
Ctrl+S Saves current page
Ctrl+V pastes data which store d clipboard
F1 To get help page
F5 Reload the current page
F6 Selects the current url
F11 Enters into full screen mode. Use F11 to exit from full screen mode
Home To goto Top of the page
End To goto Bottom of the page
Spacebar Moves down page at a time
Shift+spacebar Moves Up page at a time
Ctrl and plus To enlarge the page
Ctrl and minus To decrease the page
Ctrl+0 To back to normal page size

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