How to check the long running transaction in Sybase ASE

If the transactions are running more time means, those transaction consumes the memory. If it is non-critical we can kill the respective process.

Step by step process Process for “How to check the long running transaction in Sybase ASE”:
1) Login into isql utility:

isql -U[user_name] -S[server_name] -w9999 -PPassword

2) We can find the long running transaction by using system table syslogshold. It will give the dbid, transactionstartime, process id(spid)

use master
select*from syslogshold

3) To check the name of the user database for all the long running processes

select db_name(dbid), * from syslogshold
select getdate()

4) If you we have proper approvals, kill the long running process by using kill command

1>kill spid

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