How to execute script file in Postgresql

In this article we are going to learn about executing the script file in PostgreSQL database.

Step1: Create file script file using cat command. cat > loginlist.dat and enter the following

cat > loginlist.dat

create user michael with password 'test@123'; create user philip with password 'test@123'; create user sachin with password 'tet@123'; create user federer with password 'test@123'; create user elchur with password 'great';

Then press ctrl+d option to save the file.

Step3: Now change permission of loginlist.dat file.

chmod 777 loginlist.dat

step4: switch to postgres
sudo su postgres

step5: Execute the script from unix host

postgres@ubuntu:/home/vijay$ psql postgres -f loginlist.dat psql:loginlist.dat:1: ERROR: role "michael" already exists CREATE ROLE CREATE ROLE CREATE ROLE CREATE ROLE postgres@ubuntu:/home/vijay$

The above script created 4 users and one failed. Because user ‘michael’ already exists.


Connect to postgresql using psql as shown below and run \du command to reflect above logins created successfully or not.

List of logins:

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