How to install sample databases in Sybase

Sybase provides three databases i.e. pubs2,pubs and pix2. These can be installed either at the time of ASE(sybase) installation or after installation.

pubs2: database to test our server connections and to practice Transact-SQL.
pubs3: is the upgraded version of pubs2.
pix2: installs the image data

Install scripts for sample databases are kept by default at /installation_directory/ASE-16_0/scripts/.
How to install sample databases in Sybase

Installation of Sybase pubs2 database:

1.Navigate to /ASE-16_0/scripts/ directory and there we will find the installpubs2,installpubs3,installpix2.

2. Execute the script with isql or isql64 tool. isql64 -Sk2PRD1 -Usa -iinstallpubs2 and provide the password. This has to be executed OS level. Not using with isql utility.

How to install sample databases in Sybase1

3. Verify by logging and executing the following commands.

How to install sample databases in Sybase


1> use pubs2
2> go
1> select count(*) from sysobjects
2> go

Execute the following scripts to install the remaining pubs3 and pix2.
isql64 -Sk2PRD1 -Usa -iinstallpubs3
isql64 -Sk2PRD1 -Usa -iinstallpix2

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