How to remove tag from facebook

I have friends with different ages, religions and thoughts. Recently one of my friends is continously tagging me to the posts, those are related to particular religion. So, I want to remove the tagging in facebook permanently, but there is no option to avoid permanently. But, we can review the posts or photos and approve it. To avoid this, we have to edit privacy settings.

1. Log into your facebook account.
2. Select settings as show below,
How to remove tag from facebook

3. Now click on Timeline and tagging in the left side menu.

How to remove tag from facebook1

4. Click on Edit beside ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?’

How to remove tag from facebook2

5. Then, select Enable from the dropdown menu as shown below.

How to remove tag from facebook3

If you want to remove the tags for each post,

  • On your Timeline, hover over the story and click.
  • Click on Remove Tag from the dropdown menu.

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