How to start Sybase Database

If we have installed Sybase ASE on your host serever. By Sybase ASE is not started. We have to start the Sybase ASE server by using RUN_files(RUN_Server_Name and RUN_Server_BS).

To check whether the Sybase database started or not run the following command.

ps -eaf | grep dataserver

To start the Sybase database server:

1. Navigate to installation directory, and run ./ or . ./ as shown below.
2. Navigate to ASE-16.0/install directory and run the command startserver -f RUN_ASE_SERVER_Name to start ASE server.

How to start Sybase Database2

3. Run the command startserver -f RUN_ASE_SERVER_Name_BS to ASE backup server.

4. Connect to the database server by using isql utility.

How to start Sybase Database3

5. Now run ps -eaf | grep dataserver to check the server status.

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