How to start Sybase IQ server

To start Sybase IQ Server, first we have to set the Environment variables. Then, we have to create demo database. Using start_iq, we can Sybase IQ server.

Setting Environmental Variables:

1. Navigate to Sybase Installation directory. In my case /opt/sapiq is the install directory.

How to start Sybase IQ server

2. Then, run source

Start Sybase IQ server

1. Create a directory to store server and database specific files.

mkdir /opt/sapiq/IQ1
cd /opt/sapiq/IQ1
mkdir iq_files

2. Set the variable IQLOGDIR16 to a directory where the logfiles will be stored.
export IQLOGDIR16=/opt/sapiq/IQ1

3.Start the IQ server with only the (virtual) utility database active. Use the start_iq command and specify the name of the server using the -n flag.
start_iq -n IQ1

How to start Sybase IQ server1

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