isql history

What is isql?
isql tool is interactive parser to ASE(Sybase). isql tool sends commands to ASE and displays the results on standard output.


isql [-b] [-e] [-F] [-n] [-p] [-v] [-W] [-X] [-Y] [-Q]
[-a display_charset]
[-A packet_size]
[-c cmdend]
[-D database]
[-E editor]
[-h header]
[-H hostname]
[-i inputfile]
[-I interfaces_file]
[-J client_charset]
[-K keytab_file]
[-l login_timeout]
[-m errorlevel]
[-MLabelName LabelValue]
[-o outputfile]
[-P password]
[-R remote_server_principal]
[-s col_separator]
[-S server_name]
[-t timeout]
[-U username]
[–URP remotepassword
[-V [security_options]]
[-w column_width]
[-x trusted.txt_file]
[-y sybase_directory]
[-z localename]
[-Z security_mechanism]
[–appname “application_name”]
[–conceal [‘:?’ | ‘wildcard’]]
[–history [p]history_length [–history_file history_filename]]

isql history:
We can load the command history file using -history parameter with isq tool. ASE can store maximum 1024 commands in the history file.
To activate the isql history:

isql [–history [p]history_length [–history_file history_filename]]

To get all commands from the history


To recall number 4 command from the history:

? 4

To recall last issued command from history

? -1

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