Manual uninstallation of SQL components using MSIEXEC

Sometimes we come up to a situation where few of the components do not uninstall completely after SQL server uninstallation. We try to uninstall it from control panel once again with GUI but it won’t. In that case we can uninstall each component manually with MSIEXEC.
MSIEXEC: Microsoft Installer gives the ability to install/uninstall or update/repair any program available on the computer.
Here we will use the “\x” option to uninstall SQL components.

1. We need to find out the SQL components available on the machine
Open windows PowerShell and run below command to find out the GUID of product.

get-wmiobject Win32_Product | Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name

This will give you the list of all applications installed on computer, see the screenshot below:

Manual uninstallation of SQL components using MSIEXEC

2. Copy or save the output to text file
3. Copy the GUID from text file of SQL server components and run below command with MSIEXEC as below:
Syntax: msiexec \x “SQL GUID”

Msiexec \x “{FDB30193-FDA0-3DAA-ACCA-A75EEFE53607}”

4. This will successfully uninstall the sql component from the machine.
After uninstalling all the components to verify, run the first command once again and verify if there is no component from SQL end.

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