MongoDB installation on Windows

Mongodb is documented database. To download the Mongodb software go toMongodb download center. Here, we are installing Mongodb 3.2.4.

Mongodb installation on Windows step Mongodb installation on Windows

3. Click Next.

Mongodb installation on Windows1

4. Accept terms and license agreement by selecting checkbox. Click Next
Mongodb installation on Windows

5. Click on complete to install all MongoDB features.

Mongodb installation on Windows3

6. Click on Install.

Mongodb installation on Windows4

7. Click on Finish.

MongoDB configuration:

All the files are copied at C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.2\bin.
mongo is shell to perform queries like sql in rdbms databases.
mongod is MongoDB server.
Set the path varaibles.

How to start the mongodb server:
1. Create data\db folders in C directory as shown below.

How to start mongodb server

2. Now start the mongodb server by typing mongod.

How to start mongodb server1

3. Now open another command prompt and type mongo. Then, you will be connect to the test.

How to connect to mongodb server

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