Enterprise Resource Planning
Here Resource means 5 m’s
            1. Money
            2. Man power
            3. Machinery
            4. Material and
            5. Management
ERP Purpose: Planning for proper
utilization of resources for a business organization. ERP as a Product : all
objects(i.e. forms, reports )and all other programs are developed and throwly
tested and those will be provided with these ERP.

 the process used to implement ERP
Product for a business Organization. AIM (APPLICATION IMPLEMENTATION

Methodology for Oracle Apps is AIM(Applications Implementation
Phases in Aim Methodology:
            1. Definition Phase
            2. Operational Analysis Phase
            3. Solution Design Phase
            4. Build Phase
            5. Transition Phase
            6. Production Phase

 Definition Phase:
Here the functional consultants prepare the sample structure (Blue Print) for
the real business by gathering the information.

 Operational Analysis phase: In
this the functional consultant prepare BR100 (Business Requirement).

Design Phase
: here the functional consultant will prepare MD50 by
using BR100. MD50 is the functional document.

 Build Phase: here the technical
consultant converts MD50 to MD70. MD70 is the technical document. Then the
technical consultant prepare the final object and go with testing, i.e. Unit

here SIT(System Integration Testing) and UAT(User Acceptance
Testing) is done. Functional consultant does SIT. After this the functional
consultant will train the user in oracle apps product and user does UAT. If it
is satisfied by the user, it is sign off and product will be given to the user.

loading the project in the client place. Where the server of oracle
apps in the client place


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