PostgreSQL DBA Training

PostgreSQL DBA training

1) PostgreSQL installation

  • Installation On Ubuntu
  • Installation On Windows
  • Connecting PostgreSQL Server
  • Start and stop PostgreSQL Server
  • When Started?
  • Default databases installed with PostgreSQL Server

2). Creating and Working Databases

  • Create Database using Createdb utility.
  • Create Database using PSQL shell
  • Create Database in PgAdmin
  • Database properties: Owner, Size, Its objects
  • Access Database
  • Drop Database

3) Linux basics

4) Creating and Working Tables
Data Types
Create Table
Insert data into tables
Where condition, ascending and descending data
Count function
Load CSV file data into table
Load flat file data into table
Create Schemas
Create Tablespace
Drop Tables

5) Security Management

Create User and change password for users.
Grant/Revoke DML(insert,select, update, delete) permissions to user on table
Grant/Revoke DDL Permissions
Disable/Lock User
Create Groups
Drop User

6) Backup and Restore

What, Why and When to Backup
Tools for Backup: pg_dump and pq_dumpall
Difference between pg_dump and pg_dumpall
Backup using pg_dump
Backup using pg_dumpall
Restore using pg_restore
Restore using psql utility
table backup
Scheduling backup jobs using crontab

7) Performance and Monitoring
Analyzing Database logs for errors and performing routine table and index maintenance tasks through VACUUM
8) Replication

9) Upgradation

10) Architecture
11) Configuration Files
12) Daily Issues

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