Replication Basic Commands in Sybase

Replication is an ongoing process of transferring completed transactions from primary database to the replicated database reading from the transaction logs creating an inbound and distributing the data through the outbound queue.

Replication Basic Commands in Sybase

admin who_is_down:it shows which servers are down
admin who_is_up : it shows which servers are up
admin who:shows all running process
admin rssd_name:shows the rep_server securityname
admin log_name: Gives error log path of Replication server
admin disk_space——shows disk space allocated to every server
admin time: Displays time
admin version: shows version
admin logical_status:shows which mode server is in
admin who,sqm:gives the db_name and server and how much data is moved
admin who,sqt: gives the data is moved and what are in queue
admin stats,md: Displays the information about messages delivered by SAP Replication Server such as the number of messages delivered.
latency-: next segment name-first segment name
sysadmin dump_queue: Displays the stable queues and lets use to view them
resume connection to dataserver,db_name: To know a down server
resume connection to dataserver,db_name skip tran-: to resume server if duplicate key occurs

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