Restore Master database in Sybase

Why master database?
The master database controls the operation of Sybase(ASE) server and stores information about all user databases and database devices information. It stores User accounts, Remote User accounts, Ongoing process, System Error Messages, List of databases on Sybase server(ASE), Active locks,Character-sets, Server Roles, etc. If we want to create new database, we should be in master database. Not only to create new database for following alter database, disk init, disk refit, disk reinit, we should be in master database.

What happens if master database fails
Sybase(ASE) server cannot start.

Steps to Restore Master database in Sybase

1. Create new master device. Run dataserver with -b and -d options.

dataserver -d /dev/rsdlb -b 1000MB

2. Put ASE(Sybase) server in single user mode(master-recover).

startserver -f RUN_Server_name -m

3. If backup server is not ‘SYB_BACKUP’, then update the backup server name in sysservers.

begin transaction
update sysservers
set srvnetname = “PRODUCTION_BACKUP_SRV”
where srvname = “SYB_BACKUP”

4. Load the backup of master database. After load completes, ASE will shutdown automatically.

load database master from “/path/master.dump”

5. Then start ASE in single-use mode again. Check the all the databases, devices and logins appears correctly or not.

6. Then, start ASE server in normal way.

startserver -f RUN_servername

Take update to date backups for master database.

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