scp command in linux

SCP: SCP stands for Secure Copy. SCP is used to copy data from one unix/linux sserver to another unix/linux server. SCP uses ssh(secured shell) to transfer the data between the remote hosts.

Features of SCP are:

  • Copies files within the same machine.
  • Copies files from local machine to remote machine
  • Copies files from remote machine to local machine
  • Copies files between two different remote servers


scp [options] [userfrom_host:source_file] [user to_Host:Destionation_File]


Option Description
-r Recursively
-q progress bar not displayed
-v verbose bar
-p Copy files using port number


1. Copy File from local host to remote host:

$scp filename

2. Copy File from remote host to local host:


3. Copy a directory

$scp -r directory

4. Specifying the port number.

$scp -p 6002 filename

Improve the performance of scp command: Using blowfish cipher encryption will improves the performance of the scp command.

$scp -c blowfish file

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