Stop and Start Sybase Replication Server

Replication Server maintains replicated data in multiple databases while ensuring the integrity and consistency of the data. It provides clients using databases in the replication system with local data access, thereby reducing load on the network and centralized computer systems.

Stop Sybase Replication Server.

We can stop replication server using isql utility.

1.Use isql to log in to the Replication Server as the System Administrator:

isql -Usa -Psa_password -Sservername

2. Enter the command shutdown to bring down the replication server.

1>shutdown 2>go

Start Sybase Replication Server.

1. Navigate replication server install folder. It will like /repserver/REP-15.x/install

2. Run the following command from install directory to start the replication server.

startserver -f RUN_Replication_name_RS

To check the replication server status at Host(Unix) level run “ps -eaf | grep “rep”

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