Sybase Checkpoint Process

What is checkpoint.
A check point server event which causes all of database dirty pages to be copied from cache to disk. A checkpoint exists primarily to reduce the work of server at recovery time which means brings Sybase database up faster. We can run checkpoint on one or more databases. To run checkpoint, we must have sa_role or oper_role. Or we must have own the database.

Who initiates checkpoint on Sybase ?

  • Issued by server at specified intervals by database activity.
  • The DBO of a database may use checkpoint command to force checkpoint to occur.
  • Checkpoint may occur with backup commands

What happens when a checkpoint occurs?

  • Any dirty data pages are copied to disk.
  • Any dirty log pages are copied to disk.
  • A checkpoint record is written to the log.

How to run checkpoint in Sybase


checkpoint [all | [dbname[, dbname, dbname, ……..]]


1> use k2schools
2> go
1> checkpoint
2> go
1> checkpoint master, k2schools
2> go

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