Sybase Installation on Linux

Sybase ASE is RDBMS database. Most of finance institutions are using sybase as their database product.

Sybase Installation on Linux Step by Step guide:

Download Sybase ASE software from SAP Site, then unzip the ase160_linuxx86-64.tgz.

1. Open the terminal and navigate to Sybase ASE extracted file.

Sybase Installation on Linux

2. Then, run the setup.bin file to start Sybase Installation. In the Terminal(Shell) type ./setup.bin -i console as shown below.

./setup.bin -i console

3. Enter to Continue the installation. Then enter the path install Sybse ASE. Or Just Press Enter key to install on /opt/sap/ directory. If we press Enter key to install on default path, it asks us to create the /opt/sap/ directory.

Sybase Installation on Linux2

4.Select Installation set. 1-Typical,2-Full, 3-Custom by entering the type of set.

Sybase Installation on Linux

5. Select the License type.

Sybase Installation on Linux4

6. Accept the license agreement by type ‘Y’.

Sybase Installation on Linux5

7. Review the Pre-Installation Summary and Enter to start the Installation process.

Sybase Installation on Linux6

Again Enter

Sybase Installation on Linux7

Sybase Configuration on Linux

1. Select the features to be configured on this server by entering the respective numbers.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux

2. Specify the account under which account the Sybase ASE servers want to be configured.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux1

3. Specify the directory details where we want to copy the data files such as error log, interfaces and run_ files.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux2

4. Provide the name for New Adaptive Server, port number, errorlog path, page size, errorlog path, default language, Default Character set, Default Sort Orde, Optimize ASE Configuration.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux3

5. If we want to install the Sample database(pubs and pubs2), Give option 2.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux4

6. Enter the Master Device, System Procedure, System Procedure Device and Tempdb device path(In my case i am using default paths).

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux5

7. In the same way specify the bacukp error log path and review the summary and enter to finish the configuration.

Sybase Installation and Configuration on Linux6

Start the Sybase ASE server

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