Sybase IQ installation on Linux

We are going to install the Sybase IQ on Redhat Linux.SAP is providing for Sybase IQ 30 days Trial Evaluation copy.

1. Download the Sybase IQ from here

2. tar the Sybase IQ iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz file by running following command.

tar -xf iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz

3. Navigate to extracted folder SAPIQ_1600_SP11-LinuxAMD64-eval is in my case.

4. Then, run the setup.bin command as shown below.

./setup.bin -i console

Sybase IQ installation on Linux

5. Provide the installation destination path.

Sybase IQ installation on Linux

6. Choose Install set. Default is Typical

Sybase IQ installation on Linux2

7. Select the License type. If we dont have licenses, then go for 30-day license trial by typing 2.

Sybase IQ installation

8. Accept the End-User License Agreement by typing back.

Sybase IQ installation on Linux4.

9. Preview the Installation summary.

Sybase IQ installation on Linux5

10. Then, enter to start the Installation at /opt/sapiq/ on my machine.

Sybase IQ installation on Linux

Click here to configuration and set environmental variables.

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