Table definition in SQL Server

If we want to see the table definition in SQL Server, then we can get using sp_help procedure.


sp_helptext [ @objname = ] ‘name’ [ , [ @columnname = ] computed_column_name ]


If we want to get the emp table information:

sp_help emp

Name	Owner	Type	Created_datetime
EMP	dbo	user table	2017-03-09 23:42:23.657
Column_name	Type	Computed	Length	Prec	Scale	Nullable	TrimTrailingBlanks	FixedLenNullInSource	Collation
EMPNO	numeric	no	5	4    	0    	no	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
ENAME	varchar	no	10	     	     	yes	no	yes	SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
JOB	varchar	no	9	     	     	yes	no	yes	SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
MGR	numeric	no	5	4    	0    	yes	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
HIREDATE	datetime	no	8	     	     	yes	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
SAL	numeric	no	5	7    	2    	yes	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
COMM	numeric	no	5	7    	2    	yes	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
DEPTNO	numeric	no	5	2    	0    	yes	(n/a)	(n/a)	NULL
Identity	Seed	Increment	Not For Replication
No identity column defined.	NULL	NULL	NULL

Table definition in SQL Server

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