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Alter table in Sybase

Using alter command, we can change the structure of the table. Following changes can be done on tables: Add and Drop columns Add and Drop constraints Add null columns Change locking scheme Convert column datatypes Partition or Unpartition tables Increase or decrease the column length Syntax: alter table table_name [add column_name datatype [identity | null […]

Create table in Sybase

Few rules to create table in Sybase: To create table user must added to the database. To create table user must be granted create table permission on the database. To create table in a database, use database_name . There are can be 2,000,000,000 tables per database. 1) Add user to the database 1> use k2schools […]

How to alter database size in Sybase

If you want to increase the database size, we can do that using the alter database command. With alter database command, we can increase either the data segment size or log segment size by adding data devices to the existing data devices or log devices’. In this article, we are going to Syntax: alter database […]

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