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How to create database in PostgreSQL

Database is collection objects like tables, indexes, views, triggers, etc. Following article explains ‘How to create database in PostgreSQL’, Syntax ,Parameters and Examples. To create database in PostgreSQL, user must have CREATE Database permission or user must be superuser. By default, the new database will be created by cloning the PostgreSQL system database template1 Syntax: […]

How to create physical devices in Sybase

Sybase devices are storage areas, which are necessary for creating databases. A database can have one or more devices and single device can be used for multiple databases. The device information is stored in master database. When we install server, master device which is used for master database and sysprocsdev which is used for sybsysteprocs […]

How to create database in SQL Server

Database is collection of objects like tables, stored procedures, Views, Functions, Synonyms, etc. There are two ways to create the database in sql server. 1. GUI(graphical user interface) and 2. T-SQL script. Create database using GUI Mode: Open SQL Server Management Studio–>Object explorer–>Select the databases folder –> right click –> click on new database as […]

How to create database in Sybase

Database is collection of objects like tables, indexes, triggers, views, stored procedures, system tables.. etc. BY default master, model, tempdb, sybsystemprocs, syssystempd databases are created when SAP ASE is installed. To create database, we must have device existed. If you devices are not created yet, Create Physical Devices now. It is good practice to cretae […]

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