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How to change the database owner in SQL Server

Who creates the database is the owner of the database. We can change the owner of the database using either sp_changedbowner or ALTER AUTHORIZATION. When we create a database, a row created in sys.databases.It stores information like database owner, creation date, size.. We can find out the database owner name either by using T-SQL query […]

How to start Sybase Database

If we have installed Sybase ASE on your host serever. By Sybase ASE is not started. We have to start the Sybase ASE server by using RUN_files(RUN_Server_Name and RUN_Server_BS). To check whether the Sybase database started or not run the following command. ps -eaf | grep dataserver To start the Sybase database server: 1. Navigate […]

Sybase dbccdb database Installation

DBCC(database consistency checker) Using dbcc, we can check the logical and physical consistency of a database. Sybase DBCC database installation: By default DBCC database is not installed in Sybase ASE. We have to install this manually(using script). 1. To check whether the dbccdb has installed or not: 1> use master 2>go 1> select name from […]

Restore master database in SQL Server

If master database is damaged or unusable, then we have to restore the master database. We can restore the database in two scenarios. 1. If server is accessible: step1: Put the server in single user mode add -m to the startup parameters in the sql server service using the configuration manager and restart the server […]

How to create database in SQL Server

Database is collection of objects like tables, stored procedures, Views, Functions, Synonyms, etc. There are two ways to create the database in sql server. 1. GUI(graphical user interface) and 2. T-SQL script. Create database using GUI Mode: Open SQL Server Management Studio–>Object explorer–>Select the databases folder –> right click –> click on new database as […]

How to change database ownership in Sybase

SAP ASE database ownership can changed using sp_changedbowner system stored procedure. Syntax: sp_changedbowner loginame [, true ] Example: 1> use k2admin 2>go 1> sp_changedbowner admin 2> go Conditions to change the Database owership:

How to alter database size in Sybase

If you want to increase the database size, we can do that using the alter database command. With alter database command, we can increase either the data segment size or log segment size by adding data devices to the existing data devices or log devices’. In this article, we are going to Syntax: alter database […]

Database refresh in Sybase

Database refresh is routine task for database administrators. Following are the steps needs to be performed in database refresh activity. Scenario: Assume that, We have two instances one is on production server and another is development server. When we are loading data from production to development server, development server database size should be greater than […]

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