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How to install sample databases in Sybase

Sybase provides three databases i.e. pubs2,pubs and pix2. These can be installed either at the time of ASE(sybase) installation or after installation. pubs2: database to test our server connections and to practice Transact-SQL. pubs3: is the upgraded version of pubs2. pix2: installs the image data Install scripts for sample databases are kept by default at […]

Sybase IQ installation on Linux

We are going to install the Sybase IQ on Redhat Linux.SAP is providing for Sybase IQ 30 days Trial Evaluation copy. 1. Download the Sybase IQ from here 2. tar the Sybase IQ iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz file by running following command. tar -xf iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz 3. Navigate to extracted folder SAPIQ_1600_SP11-LinuxAMD64-eval is in my case. 4. Then, run […]

PostgreSQL Installation on Windows

PostgreSQL is open source RDBMS. Please follow below steps to Install PostgreSQL on Linux. We are installing postgresql-9.4.8-1 on Redhat Windows. 1. Download from EnterpriseDB 2. Double click on the exe downloaded from EnterpriseDB to start the PostgreSQL installatiion.

Install PostgreSQL on Linux

PostgreSQL is open source RDBMS. Please follow below steps to Install PostgreSQL on Linux. We are installing on Redhat Linux. 1. Download from EnterpriseDB. 2. Copy the tar file and unzip it by running following commands. gunzip ppasmeta- tar xf ppasmeta-

Sybase Installation on Linux

Sybase ASE is RDBMS database. Most of finance institutions are using sybase as their database product. Sybase Installation on Linux Step by Step guide: Download Sybase ASE software from SAP Site, then unzip the ase160_linuxx86-64.tgz. 1. Open the terminal and navigate to Sybase ASE extracted file. 2. Then, run the setup.bin file to start Sybase […]

Manual uninstallation of SQL components using MSIEXEC

Sometimes we come up to a situation where few of the components do not uninstall completely after SQL server uninstallation. We try to uninstall it from control panel once again with GUI but it won’t. In that case we can uninstall each component manually with MSIEXEC. MSIEXEC: Microsoft Installer gives the ability to install/uninstall or […]

SQL Server 2012 Installation

Put the installation media in DVD drive/ISO, double click on setup file. Click on New SQL Server stand alone installation.

Installation of Sybase sybsecurity database

Sybase Auditing: Auditing in Sybase can be used to administer, protect data integrity and secure SAP ASE. Auditing information is stored in the database: sybsecurity. By default, auditing database is not installed. We have to install this using the script. Pre-Installation Tasks: 1. Determine the size of the audit tables. 2. Decide on using single-table […]

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