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Difference between PowerShell and command prompt

Both allow the creation of scripts. Both provides command-line environment. cmd.exe works in PowerShell. But, PowerShell cmdlets wont work in Cmd.exe Cmd provides very limited set of functionality. cmd is text based scripting environment. cmd does not provide access to many aspects of the OS and applications.

Difference between scripting language and programming language

Following are major difference between scripting language and programming language: Scripting Language: Runs in response to an event Performs instructions from top to bottom Little or no user interaction. Example: Powershell, PHP, Perl

How to get the Version of PowerShell

We have installed PowerShell and started creating scripts. Before executing script on current PowerShell version, we should get the Powershell version. Following are ways to get version. If we want to get the Version of PowerShell, use $PSVersionTable PS C:\> $PSVersionTable Name Value —- —– PSVersion 4.0 WSManStackVersion 3.0 SerializationVersion CLRVersion 4.0.30319.42000 BuildVersion 6.3.9600.16406 […]

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