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How to run script in Sybase

We can create scripts and execute using isql. This is useful when you need to execute the same set of commands. Script execution Syntax: isql -Uuser_name -Ppassword -Sserver_name -iscript_name -oscript_output How to create scripts: Create text file and paste the commands to be executed on SYBASE ASE. root$vi databaseslist.txt select name from sysdatabase go :wq!

ddlgen tool in Sybase

Sybase ddlgen tool used to extract the creation script for any server-level or database level object. This is OS level command. Syntax: ddlgen -Ulogin -Ppassword -S[[ssl:]server | host_name : port_number] [-I interfaces_file] [-Tobject_type] [-Nobject_name] [-Ddbname] [-Xextended_object_type] [-Ooutput_file] [-Eerror_file] [-Lprogress_log_file] [-Jclient_charset] [-LC -N logical_cluster_name -F[ % | SGM | GRP | USR | R | D […]

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