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C programming shortcuts keys

Shortcuts key Usage ALT+F9 Compile CTRL+F9 Run ALT+F5 Output F7 Trace CTRL+F7 Watch F5 Minimize or Maximize F6 Next F2 Save

SQL Server Shortcuts

Following are most useful SQL Server Shortcuts. Shortcut Description SSMS To Open SQL Server Management Studio Ctrl+N To open new query window in current connection Ctrl+Shift+N Open Project Ctrl+O Open File Ctrl+Shift+O Open Project Ctrl+S To save the currently query window with sql extension Ctrl+R To show/Hide the results Pane

Control panel shortcut keys

Following are the most useful Control panel shortcut keys: cpl stands for control panel item Shortcut Functionality control Opens Control Panel control folders Folders Options control desktop Desktop display properties(Personalization) control color Window Color and appearance control mouse Mouse Properties control keyboard Keyboard Properties control printers Devices and Printers Folder control update Windows Update

Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Below are the all major Google Chrome Shortcut Keys used daily. Almost 95% of below Google Chrome Shortcut Keys are useful. Shortcut Keys Description Ctrl+T New Tab Ctrl+N New Window Ctrl+J Downloads Ctrl+Shift+Q Exit Window Ctrl+R Reload Page Ctrl+H To Get Browsing History Ctrl+O Open a file into Google Chrome Ctrl+Shift+T Repopen Closed Tab

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