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How to run script in Sybase

We can create scripts and execute using isql. This is useful when you need to execute the same set of commands. Script execution Syntax: isql -Uuser_name -Ppassword -Sserver_name -iscript_name -oscript_output How to create scripts: Create text file and paste the commands to be executed on SYBASE ASE. root$vi databaseslist.txt select name from sysdatabase go :wq!

isql history

What is isql? isql tool is interactive parser to ASE(Sybase). isql tool sends commands to ASE and displays the results on standard output. Syntax: isql [-b] [-e] [-F] [-n] [-p] [-v] [-W] [-X] [-Y] [-Q] [-a display_charset] [-A packet_size] [-c cmdend] [-D database] [-E editor] [-h header] [-H hostname] [-i inputfile] [-I interfaces_file] [-J client_charset] […]

Restore Master database in Sybase

Why master database? The master database controls the operation of Sybase(ASE) server and stores information about all user databases and database devices information. It stores User accounts, Remote User accounts, Ongoing process, System Error Messages, List of databases on Sybase server(ASE), Active locks,Character-sets, Server Roles, etc. If we want to create new database, we should […]

Get Sybase Database Information

We can get the information about databases and its objects using sytem procedures, built-in functions and system tables. sp_helpdb reports database(s) information like name,db_size,owner,dbid,created,durability,status. To get list of databases in ASE: We can get the list of databases(system and user databases) either using sp_helpdb or sysdatabases. Sysdatabases table gives us more information than sp_helpdb, but […]

How to start Sybase Database

If we have installed Sybase ASE on your host serever. By Sybase ASE is not started. We have to start the Sybase ASE server by using RUN_files(RUN_Server_Name and RUN_Server_BS). To check whether the Sybase database started or not run the following command. ps -eaf | grep dataserver To start the Sybase database server: 1. Navigate […]

Sybase Installation on Linux

Sybase ASE is RDBMS database. Most of finance institutions are using sybase as their database product. Sybase Installation on Linux Step by Step guide: Download Sybase ASE software from SAP Site, then unzip the ase160_linuxx86-64.tgz. 1. Open the terminal and navigate to Sybase ASE extracted file. 2. Then, run the setup.bin file to start Sybase […]

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