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The maximum number of configured devices has already been reached

Following error recieved when tried to create raw device in the server. disk init name=’data43′, physname=’/data/devices/sb_device_data43′, size=’40000M’ Msg 5162, Level16, State1: Server ‘SKN_UAT1’,Line1: The maximum number 42 of configured devices has already been reached. Please reconfigure ‘number of devices’ to a larger value and retry disk initialization. Solution:The maximum number of configured devices has already […]

How to rename database in Sybase

Stored procedure sp_renamedb is used to change the user database. sp_renamedb dbname, new_name Where dbname is existing database name. new_name is the new database name.

How to start Sybase IQ server

To start Sybase IQ Server, first we have to set the Environment variables. Then, we have to create demo database. Using start_iq, we can Sybase IQ server. Setting Environmental Variables: 1. Navigate to Sybase Installation directory. In my case /opt/sapiq is the install directory.

Sybase IQ Configuration on Linux

1. Provide the http and hppts port numbers on which you want to configure Sybase IQ server. Default ports are 4282 and 4283. If you enter blank means default port 4282 and 4283.

Sybase IQ installation on Linux

We are going to install the Sybase IQ on Redhat Linux.SAP is providing for Sybase IQ 30 days Trial Evaluation copy. 1. Download the Sybase IQ from here 2. tar the Sybase IQ iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz file by running following command. tar -xf iq160_LinuxAMD64.tgz 3. Navigate to extracted folder SAPIQ_1600_SP11-LinuxAMD64-eval is in my case. 4. Then, run […]

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