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Disable internet explorer enhanced security configuration

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration(IE ESC) reduces the exposure of server to potential attacks from Web-based content. By default, Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled for Administrators and Users groups. We can disable it either only for Administrators or only for Users group.

How to enable JavaScript on Windows

Many websites require JavaScript to function properly. This article explains ‘How to enable JavaScript on Windows’. Steps: Open Internet Explorer. Then, click on Settings or Tools(Alt + T). Then, select Internet options. Then, click on Security tab and click on ‘Custom Level’

How to add signature in outlook

If we are using outlook 2007/2010/2013, it is required to add signature after message body. It is very difficulty type signature every time. 1) If we want to add signature, open Outlook/2007/2010/2013 and click on File tab

Difference between PowerShell and command prompt

Both allow the creation of scripts. Both provides command-line environment. cmd.exe works in PowerShell. But, PowerShell cmdlets wont work in Cmd.exe Cmd provides very limited set of functionality. cmd is text based scripting environment. cmd does not provide access to many aspects of the OS and applications.

Difference between Windows and Unix

Windows Unix It is graphical User Interface It is Command Line Interface This is thread based concept This is processs based concept To boot Windows operating system 12MB RAM is required To boot Unix operating system 2MB RAM is required In Windows if any user process killed, it effects all. In Unix,if any user process […]

Unable to update the password the value provided

Issue: When we tried to change password then receives message”Unable to update the password. The value provided for the new password does not meet the length, complexity, or history requirements of the domain” Resolution: If the password not met the policy configured. To resolve this issue either we have to give strong password or disable […]

PostgreSQL Installation on Windows

PostgreSQL is open source RDBMS. Please follow below steps to Install PostgreSQL on Linux. We are installing postgresql-9.4.8-1 on Redhat Windows. 1. Download from EnterpriseDB 2. Double click on the exe downloaded from EnterpriseDB to start the PostgreSQL installatiion.

MongoDB installation on Windows

Mongodb is documented database. To download the Mongodb software go toMongodb download center. Here, we are installing Mongodb 3.2.4. Mongodb installation on Windows step

You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not allowed on the this computer

This is because of user is already added in the domain users. But, the user does not have permissions to logon to domain computers. To avoid this error, We have to give permissions using group policy. Solution: 1) Open group policy management console by going to administrative tools then select group policy management or go […]

Windows run commands

Following are the most useful windows run commands. Navigation: +r: Type the command Example: Command Functionality calc Calculator notepad Notepad cmd Command Prompt mstsc Remote Desktop Connection regedit Registry Editor eventvwr Event Viewer services.msc Services

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