tca in oracle apps r12

The oracle E-Business Suite has a single repository called the “Trading Community Architecture”(TCA) to store information about your trading partners. TCA provides a single common definition that can be used to identify customers, supplier and organizations that provide you with goods or services and are in turn, a customer of your own products or services. tca


 Party Relationship: It is a binary relationship between two parties such as a partnership.

Has a Role – Specifies the nature of the relationship between parties (e.g., member of, contact at, married to).

Indicates the Nature of the relationship – hierarchy or matrix.

Indicates the Direction of the relationship – superior – subordinate.

Can become a Party – a Relationship becomes a party in itself.

Understand the complex relationships among members of your trading community

Use this information to make better business decisions

DUN and BROAD STREET: Find the party that you want to purchase D&B information for.

Confirm that a party does not already exist before purchasing D&B information to create a new party. View its existing third party and user-entered information

Searching for registered parties with tca

Security: Privileges to data sharing groups

Word Replacement: Used in defining attribute and transormation

Matching Rules: Match rules determine whether two parties should be identified as a match or potential duplicate. DQM match rules can be applied, for example, when you:

  • Search for TCA Registry information using search interfaces.
  • Run a duplicate identification process.
  • Enter or update party information through user interfaces, import interfaces, or APIs, for duplicate prevention.


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